Spanish Graduate Student Handbook - Course Load

Course load

Graduate students must enroll in 12 units each quarter to be considered full-time. In order to be eligible for fellowships or employment, graduate students must be registered full time. 

Part-time students are limited to no more than 6 units per quarter. Doctoral students advanced to candidacy are not eligible for part-time status. To apply for part-time status, locate the form on the Graduate Studies website:

Teaching Assistants are expected to enroll in 12 units of course work while serving as a TA. To bring enrollment up to 12 units, professional development units (e.g., 390, 396, 397) can be used. Professional level courses (300s) do not contribute toward graduate seminar units required for the degree. 

Graduate Student Researchers must be enrolled in 12 units of course work while serving as a GSR. To bring enrollment up to 12 units, 299 units can be used.

How to arrange an independent study (299)

Students should not enroll in 299 until they have completed their required coursework.  Once the required coursework is completed, the student will typically enroll in SPA 299 with his or her Major Professor. These units can help students to achieve full-time status while studying for exams or writing the dissertation. To set up a 299, seek permission from the instructor and then complete the Variable Unit Course Request form: This form describes weekly contact hours and expectations of what will be completed during the quarter.  Once you have permission from the instructor, request the Course Registration Number (CRN) from the Graduate Program Coordinator in order to enroll via sisweb.

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