Spanish Graduate Student Handbook - Accommodations for students with disabilities

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Accomodations for students with disabilities

Accomodations for students with disabilities

Following establishment of eligibility, the Disability Specialist, in consultation with the student, will determine what academic accommodations are necessary to allow the student to access the University's educational opportunities. Each student's accommodations are individually tailored to meet the student's disability-related needs and are based upon the student's current functional limitations and the requirements of the specific classes in which the student is enrolled or placement exam being taken.

Academic Accommodations

Students must request academic accommodations prior to or at the beginning of each quarter by completing an SDC Accommodation Request Form. See the Student Disability Center's website to begin the request process: Deaf or hard-of-hearing students who will be using interpreters or captioners must complete the SDC Accommodation Request Form for D/HH Students. Copies of this form are available for printing online or in the SDC reception area. Disability Specialists can assist students in completing these forms. All accommodations must be approved by your Disability Specialist. The University is not required to provide any academic accommodation that would result in a fundamental alteration of the academic program.

Please note that it can take up to two weeks to process accommodation requests, so it is very important to submit the request form early. Requests for notetakers and other auxiliary services should be submitted before the beginning of classes, or soon after classes start. Requests for exam accommodations should be submitted far enough in advance of the exam date to allow adequate advance notice to the instructor. The forms submitted should be complete and legible to prevent delay.

If classroom or examination accommodations are approved, the student will receive an accommodation letter with instructions regarding notifying instructors of the accommodations authorized. If notetaker or auxiliary services are approved, the student will receive instructions on how to locate and work with service providers. Please note that the SDC will not pay for notetaker or auxiliary services unless the Disability Specialist has authorized them in advance. Thus, it is important to submit an accommodation request for each quarter in which the student wishes to receive services, even if such services have been authorized in the past.

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