Spanish Graduate Student Handbook - Grading

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A grade average of B or better must be maintained in courses taken for the degree. On receipt of a grade of C or lower in any course, a candidate will be warned. A second grade of C or lower will be regarded as grounds for disqualification. Lower division courses are excluded in arriving at the graduate GPA.

A student may take one graded course per quarter on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. Approval of the graduate adviser is required for this option. Only courses that do not fulfill program requirements can be taken on an S/U basis. To apply for permission to take a course on an S/U basis, complete this Grading Option Change Petition [pdf] and return it to the graduate coordintor prior to the published deadline. To receive an S grade in lower- or upper-division work, a student must achieve at least a C- or better. To receive an S grade in a graduate course, the student must do B- or better work.

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