Graduate Handbook


The Graduate Student Handbook will guide you through the various stages of your degree. It contains information on resources that are available to help you through your studies as well as important procedures and deadlines.



  • Faculty Roster - Specializations
  • Department Chair
  • Graduate Advisers
  • Graduate Program Committee
  • Graduate Placement (job market entry) Committee
  • Student Representatives


  • Mentoring Guidelines
  • Guidelines for choosing mentors
  • Problem Solving: Where to go and who to ask

UC Davis Code of Academic Conduct

  • The responsibilities of students
  • The responsibilities of faculty
  • The responsibilities of the administration

UC Davis Graduate Council Objectives for Graduate Education [pdf]


Accomodations for students with disabilities

M.A. Degree in Spanish

M.A. Degree in Spanish  - literature emphasis (Plan II)

  • Requirements
  • Degree Checklist [pdf]
  • Study Program
  • M.A. Reading List
  • Comprehensive Exam format and content

M.A. Degree in Spanish  - linguistics emphasis (Plan II)

  • Requirements
  • Degree Checklist [pdf]
  • Study Program
  • M.A. Reading List
  • Comprehensive Exam format and content

Residence Requirement

Normal Progress Schedule

Procedure for continuation to the Ph.D.

Ph.D. Degree in Spanish

  • Course requirements
  • Foreign language requirements
  • Residence requirement
  • Designated emphases
  • Reading lists
  • Dissertation proposal
  • Qualifying Exam
  • Advancement to candidacy
  • Dissertation
  • Normal progress schedule

Financial Assistance

  • Department funding
  • Non-resident supplemental tuition (NRST) fellowships
  • Conference stipends
  • Dissertation writing fellowships
  • Financial aid
  • Internal fellowships from the office of graduate studies
  • Graduate student appointments
  • Graduate student eligibility checklist

Graduate Student Committees

  • Graduate Student Association (GSA)
  • Graduate Student Colloquium Committee

For department representatives, see "People" above.

Navigating UC Davis

  • Computing Accounts
  • Registering for courses
  • ID Cards & Library Privileges
  • California Residency
  • Ordering Transcripts & Diplomas
  • Special Fees
  • Student Health and Counseling Services
  • For more information

Professional Development, Job Search, & Graduation

  • Professional development & the job search
  • Participating in the graduate commencement ceremony
  • Filing for graduation
  • Setting up a Mock Interview