Jessica Rodrigues Poletti


Position Title
Graduate Student in Spanish, Associate In Spanish

624 Sproul Hall

Jessica Rodrigues Poletti is a PhD candidate in the department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of California, Davis. She holds a MA in International Communication and Cooperation from the University of Milan, and a BA in Modern Languages and Literatures from the University of Parma. Her main interests are – but not limited to-: Spanish and Latin American cinemas directed by women; Film Studies; Feminist Studies; Women writers in the Hispanic World; Transnational Studies; LGBTQI+ and queer studies; Human Rights.
Her current dissertation project is about politics of in/visibility and the representation of the lesbian subject in Spanish cinema. The study of queer identities in cinema is a recent field of study in Spain. Few works deal with the topic, and almost none deals specifically with the representation of female homoerotic desire. The importance of representation – and the analysis of the types of representations that are being carried out- is crucial in the historical moment because lesbianism is becoming a prominent theme in world cinemas, drawing the attention of researchers and critics. This work aims at filling a gap in Spanish film studies and LGBTQ studies.

Honors and Awards
  • Spring 2021 WRRC Graduate Summer Research Grant for the Summer 2021
  • Spring 2021 Dean’s Summer Graduate Fellowship Awardee
  • Spring 2019 Graduate Student Association's Travel Award to attend Cine Lit conference (Porland)
  • Fall 2018 AEGS Graduate students Travel Award to attend Voicing Gender conference (Chicago)
  • Martínez Carazo, Cristina; Jessica Rodrigues Poletti. “Almudena Carracedo frente a su obra: Una reflexión sobre El silencio de otros”. Entrevista. Revista de Estudio de Géneros y Sexualidades, Vol. 45, n. 1, Spring 2019, pp. 221-232