Lina Reznicek-Parrado

lina reznicek-parrado

Position Title
Graduate Student in Spanish, Associate in Spanish

124 Sproul Hall


Cecilia Colombi


“The destruction of a language is the destruction of a rooted identity” --Joshua Fishman

I am interested in understanding the experiences of US Latinx students from a linguistic and educational perspective. My inquiries lay in the implications of Spanish as a Heritage Language in the United States and the ways in which educational institutions navigate the linguistic needs of bicultural and bilingual students.


  • M.A in Spanish Language and Literature, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
  • Nebraska Teaching Certificate in Foreign Languages, Spanish & French, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
  • B.A in French and Spanish, University of Nebraska, Lincoln


  • Bi/Multilingual and Heritage Language Education
  • Spanish as a Heritage Language Pedagogy
  • Academic Language and Literacies
  • Spanish in the US


  • Spanish in the US: Theory and Praxis (Spanish 117)
  • Academic Spanish for Bilingual Teachers (Education 152)
  • Elementary Spanish (Spanish 001, 002, 003)
  • Intermediate Spanish (Spanish 021)
  • Spanish Composition I (Spanish 023)
  • Intermediate Spanish for Native Speakers (Spanish 031, 032)
  • Elementary Spanish (Spanish 101, 102) (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)


  • Reznicek-Parrado, L.M. (2015). “Spanglish”: Bringing the academic debate into the classroom. Towards critical pedagogy in Spanish heritage instruction. E-JournALL, EuroAmerican Journal of Applied Linguistics and Languages 2(2), 55-66. Available at:
  • Reznicek-Parrado, L. M. (2014). "The Personal Essay and Academic Writing Proficiency in Spanish Heritage Development." Arizona Working Papers in SLA and Teaching, 21, 71-83. Available at:
  • Reznicek-Parrado, L. M. (2013). "Hablantes de Herencia del español en Estados Unidos: implicaciones para el entrenamiento de instructores en el nivel universitario." Normas. Revista de estudios lingüísticos hispánicos, 3, 161-181. Available at:
  • Reznicek-Parrado, L.M. (2013). "Pedagogía de hablantes de herencia: implicaciones para el entrenamiento de instructores al nivel universitario." Unpublished Master’s Thesis, The University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Available at:


  • TA Consultant Fellow, Center for Educational Effectiveness (2017-2018)
  • Graduate Writing Fellow, University Writing Program (2017-2018)
  • Excellence in Teaching Award, Department of Spanish & Portuguese (2017)
  • Dissertation Fellowships, Spring and Fall (2017)
  • Dissertation Year Grant, UC Mexus (2016)