Spanish Graduate Student Handbook - Appendix 2

Appendix 2 - Office space policy for graduate students

Office space is provided to support teaching.

Within one week of your final grades being submitted, you are required to have all personal items removed from your offices. This includes student work. Desks, bookcases and walls must be completely cleared. TA resources (workbooks, manuals, etc.) should be returned to your supervisor.

If another department during any given quarter employs you, you must vacate your office. Office space will be provided for that quarter by your hiring department. If you are not teaching or doing faculty research during a given quarter (because of PELP, filing fee, fellowship, etc.) you will only be provided office space if you have made a request to Mandy and if space is available.

You are welcome to bring in posters to add some life to your office space. If you decorate your office, please use pushpins or thumbtacks ONLY. Nails, wall anchors, hooks, double-sided tape, and anything of that nature that may damage the walls is strictly prohibited. All wall hangings must be removed when you vacate your office or they will be discarded. All thumbtacks and pushpins must be removed from the walls.

Space is limited so please do not bring sofas, recliners, or any outside furniture into the offices.

Please realize that desks are accessible to your fellow TAs and therefore you should not leave personal/valuable items in the desks.

Please post your office hours on the bulletin board outside of your door and submit your office hours as requested by email no later than the middle of the first week of classes.

Your compliance with these guidelines and consideration of others is appreciated by all.

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