Frequently Asked Questions 


Am I required to take the Preparatory Subject Matter to go into Upper Divisions?

Not all the preparatory courses are required, there are different factors such as: AP or IB Scores, previous history taking Spanish courses in High School, and personal comfort with Spanish Language skills that can determine which lower division course a student should start in. However, SPA 24 and SPA 33 are prerequisites for many upper-division courses. If you would like to skip SPA 24 and 33 you can speak to the Spanish Advisor to discuss it. 

For more information: https://spanish.ucdavis.edu/navigating-lower-divs


If I believe the first course of a series is at a lower-level than my language skills, can I skip to a higher-level course or even another series?

Yes, however, it is suggested to contact the program coordinators or your advisor for the series in order to discuss what course the student will be skipping and headed toward.


What if I have a passing AP Exam Score but lost my Spanish skills over time? Can I take a lower-level course than the AP Exam Score course equivalent?

No, because taking a lower course level than the course equivalent would be considered an illegal repeat. However, if you want to strengthen your Spanish skills, there are many tutoring services offered through the Department as well as the Spanish Peer Advisor.


Am I required to take the course the Spanish Placement Exam placed me in?

No, it is a suggestion based on your Spanish language skills.


What if I am taking a series merely to satisfy the Foreign Language requirement?

You can satisfy the Foreign Language requirement by taking the Elementary Spanish series SPA 001-003.


What if I took Spanish in High School? 

If you have completed the second or third year of the Spanish language in the tenth or higher grade in high school you are eligible to receive credit for SPA 001. This means you will satisfy the foreign language requirement by taking SPA 002 and SPA 003.