Spring 2024 Courses

Spring Quarter 2024

Undergraduate Lower Division Courses

SPA 001, 002, 003 Elementary Spanish
SPA 001Y, 002Y, 003Y Elementary Spanish
SPA 002V, 003V Elementary Spanish

SPA 021, 022 Intermediate Spanish
SPA 0022V Intermediate Spanish II

SPA 023 Spanish Composition I
SPA 024 Spanish Composition II

SPA 032 Intermediate Spanish for Native Speakers II
SPA 033 Intermediate Spanish for Native Speakers III

Undergraduate Upper Division Courses

SPA 110 Advanced Spanish Composition
Charles Oriel

In learning Spanish, have you ever had problems with the following?

  • Understanding the difference between the subjunctive and the indicative
  • Knowing whether to use the preterit form of the past or the imperfect
  • How to correctly use accents
  • How to use pronouns
  • How to use prepositions, such as “por” and “para”
  • The differences between “ser” and “estar”

These are problems that often cause frustration and headaches for students of the Spanish language. If you’ve experienced this, then this course is the one for you. SPA 110 (Advanced Spanish Composition) provides a thorough grammatical review of Spanish by way of exercises, translations and essay-writing, all with the aim of improving and perfecting your written Spanish.

A flyer for SPA 110, the text listed above

SPA 111N Sounds & Words
Travis Bradley

SPA 116 Applied Linguistics
Claudia Sanchez

SPA 133N Golden Age Literature of Spain
Charles Oriel

SPA 141 Intro to Spanish Culture
Robert Newcomb

SPA 151 Survey of Latin American Literature 1900 to Present 
Leopoldo Bernucci

SPA 153 Latin American Short Story
Ana Peluffo

SPA 157 Latin American Great Works
Robert Newcomb

SPA 168 Intro to Latinx Culture
Emily Vazquez Enriquez

SPA 170 Intro to Latin American Culture
Robert Irwin

SPA 177 California & Latin America
Robert Irwin


Graduate Courses

SPA 215- Special Topics in Hispanic Linguistics- Claudia Sanchez-Gutierrez
Tuesdays, 4:10-7:00, Olson 117


SPA 224- Spanish Literature Studies-The Five Senses and the Early Modern Spanish Atlantic               
Daniela Gutierrez-Flores
Mondays, 4:10-7:00, Olson 109

Drawing on the notion that sensory experience and perception are historically and culturally contingent, this seminar explores the role of the five senses in the cultural dynamics of the early modern Spanish Atlantic.  Focusing on different themes —religiosity, urban life, racialization, natural history, and medicine—, we will interrogate how the senses shaped everyday life in Spain and the Spanish Americas. Among the questions we will tackle are: How did odors, textures and sounds form notions of class, gender and race in the urban centers of the Spanish empire? How did early colonizers and explorers understand the natural world of the Americas through smelling, tasting and touching? How did ecclesiastical and secular authorities discipline sensorial regimes? We will approach cultural objects through the sensorium they evoke and represent, engaging with theoretical and historical scholarship.

In keeping with the seminar’s goal to engage the five senses as vehicles of inquiry, we will combine the study of cultural artifacts—art, sculpture, music, fragrances, and food—with critical readings of literary works. Students will also engage with sensorial archeology to examine the methodological challenges and possibilities of sensory studies when studying literature and culture. By the end of this course, you will be able to 1) critically evaluate theoretical literature, as well as early modern historical and literary texts; 2) identify major trends, authors, methodologies and works of early modern Sensory Studies, and 3) develop a critical understanding of the interdisciplinary field of Sensory Studies and its contributions to Cultural and Literary Studies.


SPA 274- Latin American Literature Studies-Ana Peluffo
Wednesdays, 4:10-7:00, Olson 109