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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply for a travel award? See Appendix 4 of the graduate student handbook for instructions.  Here is a sample request letter: Travel stipend request letter template [.doc].  Email travel requests to Maria Ruby at
  • How do I get credit (units) for my work as a TA? 50% TAs may sign up for 4 units of SPA 396.  Visit grad staff offices for the CRN.  Make sure to sign up for the section led by your TA Supervisor.
  • How do I sign up for an independent study (SPA 299) since I've completed my coursework?  Visit grad staff offices for the CRN and complete this variable unit course request form when you meet with the instructor.  You must enroll in sisweb using the CRN.
  • What form(s) of ID do I need to be hired? You need 1 document from list A or 1 document from list B and 1 document from list C (see page 9).  International Students, make sure to bring your i-20 or DS-2019 as well: I-9 Acceptable Documents.
  • Am I eligible for financial assistance for Childcare costs? See for information on the different childcare subsidies to learn which one(s) you may qualify for.
  • How do I petition to count a course from another university toward my PhD at UC Davis?  You may NOT apply to transfer a course until you've completed one year in the graduate program.  Then you must write a petition letter addressed to the graduate committee, append your course syllabus & final paper if the request is for a graduate seminar substitution (as opposed to a foreign language requirement), and bring them both to Mandy.  Here is a sample letter: sample petition letter [.doc]
  • I plan to take a course similar to one of the Spanish Ph.D. requirements. Is it possible to have it count for that requirement?  You must write a petition letter addressed to the graduate committee requesting a course substitution, append your course syllabus, and bring them both to Mandy.
  • How do I arrange a foreign language reading exam to fulfill one of my language requirements?  Ask Mandy what professor to contact based on the particular language.  These are the foreign language reading exam guidelines for Spanish Students: [pdf]. Read through them and get an idea of some texts that are relevant to your research before contacting the professor. Once the professor has approved your texts and you’ve arranged a time with him or her, let Mandy know and she will reserve the room in which you will take the exam.
  • MA Comprehensive Exam FAQs [pdf]
  • PhD Qualifying Exam FAQs [pdf]