Orientations & Information for New Graduate Students

Your 2019 Virtual Orientation Binder

  1. Important Links for New Graduate Students (bookmark it!)

  2. Your Department's Grad Resources Page (bookmark it!) including:

    1. Degree Checklists
    2. Degree Requirements
    3. Program Handbook
    4. Description of Duties forms
    5. Eligibility Checklist (required each quarter, except summer, for employment or fellowship)
    6. and more...
  3. Becoming a California Resident - Domestic nonresidents are expected to become California residents before the start of their second year - Make sure to start collecting evidence now. (International Students may not become residents for tuition purposes)

  4. UC Davis Campus Map - Find out how to get to orientation and your classes

  5. When in doubt, ask the LangLit Staff

Orientations Schedule 2019

  • September 19, Thursday: Languages and Literatures Orientation - in Sproul 912.  (required) -administrative items; IT troubleshooting; completion of employment hiring; photos
  • September 23, Monday: Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE) TA Training-required for new TA/AIs-(required)

Register online at http://cee.ucdavis.edu/tao/index.html.    TAs must complete one online module prior to attending the in-person sessions.The course will take approximately 60 minutes to complete, and is available to complete now. Follow this link to register for the online course:  Living the Principles of Community (e-learning). If you experience difficulties logging in, please contact the Staff Development and Professional Services (SDPS) at (530) 752-1766  or  sdps@ucdavis.edu.for registration assistance.  Both the in-person and online sessions are required to fulfill the TA Training requirement.  Advance registration is required. Consult your registration confirmation email for time and location of the in-person training.

  • September 24, Tuesday: Spanish Department TA orientation

**8:30-12:00 in 18 Olson Hall. Elementary Spanish (SPA 1-3) Training with Prof. Sánchez- Gutiérrez (required for all those teaching Spanish 1-3 at UC Davis + those enrolled in SPA 390). 

**9:00-12:00 in 57 Olson Hall SPA 21-22 Training with Profs. Blake and Bradley.

**9:00-11:00 in 622 Sproul Hall. SPA 31-33  Spanish for Native Speakers Training with Prof. Carando

**12:00-1:30 in the SPROUL/SCHOOL OF EDUCATION COURTYARD. Lunch for all graduate students and faculty. Introduction of Faculty and new students. 

**2:30-4:30-in 18 Olson Hall . SPA 1-3 Elementary Spanish Training with Prof. Sánchez- Gutiérrez (required for all those teaching Spanish at UC Davis + those enrolled in SPA 390). 

**2:30-4:30- in 622 Sproul Hall SPA 23-24 Spanish Composition Training with Prof. Carando

Sexual Violence Prevention training- (included in September 16, Monday:  General Program)-(required)
UC Davis requires that all incoming graduate and professional students complete mandatory sexual violence intervention and prevention (SVPT) training within the first six weeks of their beginning classes at UC Davis.

See http://sexualviolence.ucdavis.edu/education_training.html to register.   The deadline to complete the requirement is Monday, October 29, 2019.  Students who do not complete the SVPT requirement by the deadline will have a hold placed on their student account, preventing them from being able to register for 2019 Spring Semester or Winter Quarter classes.

Test of Oral English Proficiency (TOEP) Test
For international graduate students / TAs.  See http://iae.ucdavis.edu/graduate/index.html for information on who must take it and how to sign up.

 September 25, Wednesday - Classes begin!