Portuguese Spring 2020 Upper Division

Portuguese Upper Division Course Descriptions Spring 2020

POR 31:

Lecturer Eugênia M. da Silva Fernandes

The class aims to develop the contrastive and interactional competences of the students, focusing on the following specific differences between Portuguese and Spanish as Romance languages: phonetic and phonological features, cognates, syntactic structures, and morphosyntactic elements. Unit topics will be presented contemplating contemporary issues of Lusophone communities with underlying comparative themes such as accentuation, official orthography, verbal tenses, lexical challenges, treatment pronouns, adverbs, linking words, determinants, discourse markers, direct and indirect speech, numbers, and gender. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to communicate in oral and written Portuguese at an intermediate proficiency level. Although the class has no prerequisites, it is fundamental that upcoming students have, at least, intermediate proficiency in Spanish.